楊家豪 醫師 簡介
Chia Hao Yang  
2020-      Residency Program in Ola  
                Grimsby Institute
2010-2011  Post-Professional Doctorate in
                  Physical Therapy  Loma Linda
                  University, Loma Linda,
                  California, USA
2009-2010 Post-Professional Master’s in
                  Physical Therapy Loma Linda
                  University, Loma Linda,
                  California, USA
2000-2004Bachelor’s Degree in Physical
                  Therapy Chang Gung   
                   University,Taoyuan, Taiwan _____________________________________________

Experience :

Chia Hao Yang, PT

Dec, 2012

  • Acted as a solo-practitioner, take responsible for clinic management, patient flow and marketing
  • Provided systematic approach of examination, evaluation and treatment for patients

Aug, 2012~

Preferred Healthcare Registry

  • Assessed functional impairment, make correct clinical decision and provided appropriate plan of care in fast speed
  • Experienced various kinds of clinical facilities and learned different health network systems in U.S

Aug, 2012- Dec, 2012

Southern California Medical Group, Physical Therapist

  • Acted as an independent physical therapist to perform evaluation, assessment for patients with working injury and create individualized treatment plan to encourage patients return to normal.
  • Conducted objective finding and professional opinion among medical group to maximize value of health care .

Sep 2011- May, 2012

Palmdale Regional Medical Center, Physical Therapy License Applicant,

  • Trained in the health network system in the U.S.A., as well as learned to converse with different health professionals.
  • Improved oral expression skills in English and communicated professional knowledge of health care to patients.


  • Licensed Physical Therapist rotated in Neurological & Orthopedic physical therapy Lin Kou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taoyuan, Taiwan

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NCCAOM 全國課程 Distance Course: