The comparison of TCM and Western Medicine Part 1 based on philosophy (V)

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Course Objectives

In comparing traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Western medicine, the philosophy behind each system has to be evaluated first. Basically, philosophy contains three parts: aesthetics, ethics and metaphysics. In metaphysics, there are three branches: cosmology, ontology and epistemology. In this course, we will first discuss the cosmology, ontology and epistemology of Chinese and Western philosophies. Then, we will discuss the aesthetics and ethics from both schools of philosophy. Finally, the differences in philosophy will have implications in the approaches of medical theory and practice. We will discuss the pros and cons of these two different approaches. Results indicate that acupuncture of TCM has its advantages in treatment.

  1. What is philosophy? Review of the contents of philosophy
  2. On the Western metaphysics
  3. On the Eastern metaphysics
  4. Chaotic wave theory of fractal continuum as the modern representation
  5. Comparison of TCM and Western medicine based on metaphysics
  6. Comparison of TCM and Western medicine based on aesthetics
  7. Comparison of TCM and Western medicine based on medical ethics
  8. Based on the comparison of philosophy. TCM is better than Western medicine

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